Monday, 7 February 2011

Rain in Jubilee Country Park

Jenny Price addressing a group in Jubilee Country Park - in the rain
This was a walk around Jubilee Country Park on 14 November, led by Jenny Price, giving us an update on the various projects and conservation activities. Walks in this park are always popular, and there was a good group there even though it was raining. Jenny didn't seem to mind the rain at all; anyone else would have had some sort of head protection.

Is it normally like this? Not quite. But when Jenny got out of her car on arrival, she took her boots out of a plastic bag and tipped out a heap of mud onto a pile at one side of the car park. That pile of mud was very suggestive.

(As I only started this blog in Feb 2011, there will be some things from 2010 for a while.)

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