Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sycamore Seeds

Sycamore seeds, Acer pseudoplanatus.  High Elms Country Park, 20 September 2011.
Sycamore seeds, Acer pseudoplanatus.  High Elms Country Park, 20 September 2011.
The Sycamore is a species of maple, not native to the UK, but widespread and readily seeding. The seeds grow in pairs, but fall singly with the motion of an autogyro.

I posted a photo of Sycamore flowers back in May.


  1. When we lived in New Jersey (when I was 5) my mother taught me to split the seed end of these so we could stick them on our noses!

  2. Me, too, for playing with these. In Alameda, California, on Grove Street we were ankle deep in them. We loved the way they fell, too, spiraling down.

  3. It's good to watch the seeds falling, but then I have to pull up hundreds of seedlings of these in the spring.