Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Tree Slugs

A group of Tree Slugs, Lehmannia marginata.  Hayes Common, 1 January 2013.
A group of Tree Slugs, Lehmannia marginata.  Hayes Common, 1 January 2013.
There is not much activity in the wild at the moment, from my point of view, though no doubt the bird fans are having a good time.  Also, I have been busy for a week or so revamping the Orpington Field Club's website, which I have taken over.  So there's not much activity here either.  But this was something I hadn't seen before.

These slugs live on lichens, algae and fungi, all of which they can easily find on the trees where they live.  But I don't know why half a dozen of them should have been making their way downwards in a group. 

They are quite well disguised, but they glisten, which drew my attention.

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  1. Would there be slugs like these in the Orpington Priory Lake? It looks like a place that they'd like.