Thursday, 7 February 2013

More from Otford

Filston Oast from the road.   Otford, 2 February 2013.
Filston Oast from the road.   Otford, 2 February 2013.
On our walk from Otford we saw several oast-houses, probably all converted like this one into living spaces, as they all had the same white-painted vents.

We also saw some unexpected birds.

Pea-fowl, Pavo cristatus, on top of a house.  Otford, 2 February 2013.
Pea-fowl, Pavo cristatus, on top of a house.  Otford, 2 February 2013.
There's a cock in the middle, and hens to either side.  This post gives them a good view of their surroundings, and it's also possible that there is more warmth up there than we were experiencing on the track below.

High in a nearby tree I saw this:

Mistletoe, Viscum album.  Otford, 2 February 2013.
Mistletoe, Viscum album.  Otford, 2 February 2013.
An evergreen parasite, able to get sufficient food and water from its host tree to keep green in the depths of winter even when the host has closed down for the season.

There were still a few berries around, even in this unproductive winter.

Garden Privet berries, Ligustrum ovalifolium.  Otford, 2 February 2013.
Garden Privet berries, Ligustrum ovalifolium.  Otford, 2 February 2013.
Although this was out in the fields, it the cultivated hedgerow species rather than the wild one.  It has broader leaves than the wild species, and hangs on to them much better in the winter.  It was nowhere near a garden, but it was on the edge of a path where hedgerow species might have been planted.

Here's a map of where the photos were taken:

Anticlockwise from the bottom right: Privet, Mistletoe, Peafowl.  And the view, taken with a different camera, was from Filston Lane on the left.

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  1. Now I know what an oast might look like! I knew it only from crosswords (the American kind) and the dictionary.