Monday, 18 March 2013

Blackthorn Again

Blackthorn flowering in a hedge on Bourne Way, Hayes.  16 March 2013.
Blackthorn flowering in a hedge on Bourne Way, Hayes.  16 March 2013.
I have been spending most of my recent computer time on the Orpington Field Club website.  But meanwhile, even though this flower has been on my blog before, it's such a great sign of spring that I can't resist it.

You can tell from the house behind that this is a garden hedge, and behind me is the main road.  I do like countryside hedges in suburbia.


  1. Ah, prunus spinosa. Exquisite. Our New World stand-in seems to be a different genus and species, and a hawthorne, and I think different, though also spiny and a harbinger of Spring. I am glad that you've been at that website of the Orpington and not down with a dreadful cold.

  2. I have added a link to the post.