Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Three Clouds

Clouded Magpie, Calospilos sylvata.  Cuckoo Wood, High Elms, 9 July 2015.
Clouded Magpie, Calospilos sylvata.  Cuckoo Wood, High Elms, 9 July 2015.
Here are some related species of moth seen recently.  The first is a Clouded Magpie, caught at High Elms just long enough to photograph.  It's the first time I have seen one of these, and three of them came to my trap.  I think it's a real beauty.  The caterpillar eats various types of Elm.

Clouded Border, Lomaspilis marginata.  Hayes, 11 July 2015
And this one is a Clouded Border.  I have seen lots of these in the wild, but this is the first to come to my back garden.  The caterpillars eat Poplars and Willows, and there are not many of those nearby.  The basic colouration and pattern of this moth is always the same, so it is instantly recognisable, but the exact size and position of the brown "clouds" is variable.  This one is nicely balanced.

Clouded Silver, Lomographa temerata.  Hayes, 9 July 2015
Clouded Silver, Lomographa temerata.  Hayes, 9 July 2015
The Clouded Silver is also around in this season, and is also variable in detail.   This one was in my garden.  Its caterpillar eats  Hawthorns, Blackthorns and other common shrubs.

There are several other "clouded" moths, and other things too, like the Clouded Agaric, a common woodland mushroom.  But not today.

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