Friday, 11 May 2012

Another Early Grey

Early Grey, Xylocampa areola.  Noctuid.  Caught in my moth trap in Hayes on 7 April 2012.  flight: March-May.  Food: Wild and cultivated Honeysuckles.
Early Grey, Xylocampa areola.  Caught in my moth trap in Hayes on 7 April 2012.
Here's another Early Grey moth from my moth trap. I showed a frontal view of one in my last post.  This shot shows how the oval markings on its wings are doubled up, a good identification feature for this moth.

I am still getting tiny numbers of moths in my trap, or none at all; on April 7th it was two of these. This one is photographed against a background of Silver Birch bark. That works much better for this grey moth than the brown bark I have been using for moths from the last few traps.

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