Sunday, 24 June 2012

Hoya Bella

Flowers of Hoya bella on my kitchen windowsill in Hayes.  20 June 2012.
Flowers of Hoya bella on my kitchen windowsill in Hayes.  20 June 2012.
This is the other Hoya I have at the moment; compare with the Hoya serpens in my previous post.  This one is also a jewel, similar but distinctly different.  The individual flowers are about 2 cm across. They hang facing downwards, so you need to hang the plant high or be very close to see them properly.

It is a little sturdier than H. serpens and hangs stiffly rather that trails limply.  It flowers almost all year, with a light floral fragrance that you need to get up close to appreciate, not like the deep all-pervading odour of H. serpens.   It doesn't get too big, and being so well-behaved, it is a good Hoya to start with if you want to try them out.

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  1. It occurs to me that one of these might be as practicable as the African Violet of the 1950s that as students we had on the kitchen table. My grandmother had them, too. Most American middle-class ladies had some, and they became a sort of joke—and seem to have disappeared.