Monday, 18 June 2012

Miniature Sundews

Miniature Sundew with flower, in my back bedroom in Hayes.  1 June 2012.
Miniature Sundew with flower, in my back bedroom in Hayes.  1 June 2012.
Six months ago I planted some Sundew gemmae, tiny pieces of plant tissue that can grow into complete new plants. Some of them were the size of lentils, and those were easy to handle, but I also got, as a freebie, 14 tiny ones about the size of a pinhead, no species name given.  Spacing those out properly was tricky.

Here they are now.  These plants are tiny.  The pot is two inches across, and the larger rosettes are just over a centimetre.   But they have reached their full size and are flowering.   If you don't have much space to grow plants, these would be perfect!  But you need rainwater for them; tap water will kill them.  They come from wet, sandy spots in Australia, but they die off in sandy soil in my house; this is a special soil-free and nutrient-free compost.

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