Sunday, 21 July 2013


Three Coronet moths, Craniophora ligustri.  Hayes, 2013.
Three Coronet moths, Craniophora ligustri.  Hayes, 2013.
These three moths are the same species, known as the Coronet because of the patterns towards the ends of its wings, which resemble some sort of crown.  These three all settled near, but not in, my garden light trap on different days.   Coronets seem to be doing well this year.

Several species of moth and butterfly are variable.  This one varies in colour, but not in pattern.  Even though the darker ones look almost black to the naked eye, the same markings are all there, and are easily brought out by the camera's flash.

The lighter of these forms looks formidable in close-up.  The scales look like ancient Japanese armour, tabs applied in overlapping layers.

Close-up of Coronet,  Craniophora ligustri.  Hayes, 13 July 2013.
Close-up of Coronet,  Craniophora ligustri.  Hayes, 13 July 2013.

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