Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Clouded Brindle, Apamea epomidion, on Scots Pine bark.  Hayes, 6 July 2013.
Clouded Brindle, Apamea epomidion, on Scots Pine bark.  Hayes, 6 July 2013.
There is something here about making assumptions.   You can see that this Clouded Brindle is very well camouflaged on this bark, and you might think that the crypsis works very well.  But this is the bark of a conifer, and this particular moth is found in deciduous woods and old scrub.  And its eggs are laid on grass.

So the photo is a trick, in a way.  It looks like an example of wonderful nature, but it's really an artificial composition put together for its looks.

It does look good, though!

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  1. It looks great! And I must agree about making assumptions about Nature. I was awfully glad to see the last one, too, a lovely one, since I had begun to wonder if GB was clean out of moths or you had caught a virus.