Sunday, 14 August 2011


Cyclamen hederifolium.  Harvington Estate, 8 August 2011.
Cyclamen hederifolium.  Harvington Estate, 8 August 2011.
This has the appearance of a wild flower, but is actually a garden type, introduced to the wild long ago. A cluster of flowers like this can come from a single corm that has been left to spread for a few years, and I wonder if these have grown from seen or if someone has planted a corm. This is a much-used wood with many paths.

The leaves don't appear until after the flowers. So the name hederifolium should not mislead you into thinking that those leaves belong to it. They are actually ivy leaves.

Taken with my EOS 60D, 200mm lens and 2x extender. They were in a shady spot on a mostly overcast day, but it was windy and sometimes the branches moved to let a spot of light through.

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