Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Fritillary On Buddleia

Silver-Washed Fritillary,  Argynnis paphia, rather tattered, on a Buddleia.  Buddleia glade, High Elms Country Park, 30 July 2011.
Silver-Washed Fritillary,  Argynnis paphia, on a Buddleia.  High Elms Country Park, 30 July 2011.
Beside one of the paths in High Elms Country Park grows a large Buddleia. It is often called the butterfly bush, and that is a well-deserved name, because many species will come for its nectar; wasps and hoverflies as well as butterflies.

This is a Silver-Washed Fritillary, an aged individual that has lost the edges of its lower wings.

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